A message from Will Gerrald, candidate for Minster of Worship


Greetings Versailles Baptist!  I am excited and honored to be considered for the Minister of Worship position.  Since our first visit to Versailles, Caitlin and I have been so encouraged by all that God is doing at VBC.   We have enjoyed spending time with the Personnel Committee, the other ministers, and their families.  It is obvious that your church truly is a family.  That is something that Caitlin and I earnestly prayed for as we sought to discern God's will about a future ministry position. 

 I grew up the son of a Baptist minister and was drawn to all things musical.  As you might imagine, I was told repeatedly by numerous church members that I was called to music ministry.  They clearly knew something that I did not as an adolescent, because it was not until after college I was fully convinced that they were right.  I can now look back and see how God has used all my experiences-from being raised by loving Christian parents, to an undergraduate degree in music, to producing and acting in theater-to equip me to serve Him in leading the church in worship.  

It is a practical means for us to live out the gospel.  Worship services should constantly retell the truths that we are all sinners in need of a savior and that Jesus Christ is that savior because of who He is and what He accomplished for us.  This is beneficial to both lost person and believer alike.  Corporate services provide the opportunity for worshipers to acknowledge that we are part of something more than ourselves.  

There are other believers (often with different life experiences) with whom we should interact, and there is a history of faith by which we must be informed.  I am passionate about seeing the church grow both in understanding and in number.  Our weekly services can play a vital role in kingdom advancement.  The world needs to see our love for God and others.  May we all be diligent in prioritizing the time spent gathered as a church to proclaim the glory of God!

I look forward to worshiping with you again soon!                                          

Will Gerrald                                                                           

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